These are the controls and attachments that make our loading platforms special.

The chain

You attach the chain to the trailer or container so that the loading platform doesn't move when in use.

Control board

Turn off when you are not using it.
Turn on if you are going to use it.
Up to raise the loading dock.

The electric motor that ensures that the ramp can go up is powered by 2, 12-volt batteries. Each loading platform has a charger to ensure that the batteries stay full.


Use the release lever if you want to lower the loading platform

Transport assistance

The transport assistance makes moving the loading platform a lot easier. Every kind of forklift fork fits into it. The upper part can rotate 360 ​​degrees and can tilt completely. Through the bayonet connection you can easily take it off and put it back on.

Go up and move

4 wheels with excellent profile on it for every type of terrain.

2 cylinders that ensure it goes up or down.

Through distribution engines we ensure that our loading platform always goes straight up and stays straight even when you move it.

Heavy grip netting

This netting provides optimum grip for the vehicle driving it and is sturdy enough to withstand 12 tons without bending. The special shape that the netting has provides firmness so that it does not break or bend

Extended walls
we also have the option of puttintg on extended wall so that the loadramp is wider.


The transport is always included with the price. The loading platform we always be deliverd to the loactie that you need.